Renting a VW Bus on Maui

If you’re considering renting a campervan or VW bus in Maui, you should read a recent article in the New York Times. The lucky writer of the article rented Gypsea through Outdoorsy. You can read more about Hawaii campervan rentals–and other states–in our national campervan rental page.

Hana Road with a VW Bus

The vintage Volkswagen had manual steering and a manual transmission. “Sometimes she doesn’t like to shift into second gear,” owner Brandon Stafford said as he was explaining the vehicle’s quirks in Kahului, the airport town where the author started his road trip, driving a semi-circle on the Hana Highway from north to south.

Doesn’t like second gear? No kidding. Gypsea hated it. This caused more than a few anxious moments on the 64.4-mile road to Hana that roller-coasters through a cliffy tropical rain forest most of the way. You can watch some video about Gypsea below.

On one memorable switchback (640 curves and 46 one-lane bridges are part of the highway’s legendary attractions), Gypsea wouldn’t downshift from third to second, stalling out on a scary-steep hill.

“We’re going to die,” my wife said.

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