Campervan Rental Directory by State

The Basics of Renting a Campervan

Are you thinking of taking a road trip in a campervan, but concerned that a class C vehicle or motor home might be too unwieldy? Our directory offers recommended businesses who rent out primarily campervans–although we’ve included some RV rental companies as well.

So why a campervan? A small campervan rental could be the perfect solution; especially if you’re looking for a vehicle you can sleep in and more easily maneuver along the way. With so many campervan rental options, where to begin? As owners of a campervan rental company owner, we thought we’d share some tips to help ensure you’re able to find a vehicle that best fits your needs. While our own business focused on renting VW camper vans—VW buses and Westfalias—we’re familiar enough with the essentials of renting a campervan: vehicle condition, insurance, functionality, price, comfort level and so on. We’ve organized our list of campervan rentals by state so you can more easily find the right option based on your destination by state. Keep in mind that most campervan rental agencies limit how far you can drive their vehicles and charge a base mileage fee along with a supplemental fee (or penalty) beyond the base threshold. The older the vehicle, the more likely the owner will limit the total driving distance and impose higher supplemental mileage fees. Before jumping to the list of campervan rental options by state (and large city), here are the main criteria or considerations you should keep at the forefront of your decision-making process.

Before we get into rental details, it’s important to note that camper vans are not RVs. Recreational vehicles (RVs) have larger motors and are typically equipped with living space and various amenities that you would find in a home, e.g. kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area. Some RVs require a special license to drive and are not easily maneuvered if your end goal is camping or traveling to a location with narrow roads.

Campervan in the redwoods

Campervans are often just vans that include a sleeping area, and some cases, additional amenities such as a sink, refrigerator or storage. Campervans don’t require a special driver’s license and they’re much smaller than RVs. Many of the campervan rentals on our list have some form of a small kitchen and a bed and have been customized by their owner using a combination of aftermarket and homemade materials.

As you peruse our list, keep in mind that not all campervans and campervan rental companies are equal. There is little or no standardization in the industry, so the quality of your experience (and vehicle) depends almost entirely on the commitment of the rental agency to maintain their fleet effectively. Some campervan rental companies are large companies with multiple rental locations, others are simply an individual who rents out his/her campervan for extra money. The older or more valuable the vehicle, the more important it is that you do your homework when evaluating the rental agency. In most cases, you should consider renting older VW buses or Westfalia from a company that rents only those vehicles and has one or more professional mechanics involved in the ongoing maintenance of the vehicle. If you have kids or expect to arrive at the airport on time with no chance of vehicle issues, be aware that your odds of a breakdown go up significantly when you rent older, antique vehicles. You’ll be trading reliability, comfort and functionality for an experience that is more about aesthetics and being a part of a unique subculture (think #vanlife).

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Campervan?

The rates vary depending on where and what you’re renting. In most cases, a rate between $200 and $300 per night/day is not unusual, but we share prices below and include this information in our preferred campervan information table (at end of document). It may seem like it costs a lot more compared to a newer sedan or minivan, but keep in mind the high overhead costs associated with purchasing and managing campervans.

Sprinter in Yellowstone

What are the Main Reasons I Should Rent a Campervan?

  • They will allow you to meet a bunch of people who otherwise wouldn’t talk with you as you can often park these at campsites that would be inaccessible to RVs.
  • Some of the more interesting campervans like VW Westfalias and Mercedes Sprinters can add an aesthetic to your vacation that is hard to forget. They are memory makers and even when you’re dealing with troubleshooting issues, you’re somehow still creating memories.
  • They are pretty comfortable to sleep in; especially if you’re using the pop-top or dedicated sleeping area with a real mattress
  • They are super easy to maneuver, e.g. excellent turning radius and easy to place in your camping or parking spot.

What are the Disadvantages of Renting a Campervan?

As we mentioned earlier, renting a campervan is not for everyone and they’re definitely not the most practical option you’ll find.

  • Gas mileage is poor compared to a smaller vehicle; especially if you’re renting an older antique vehicle. There’s no way around this. In many cases, you’ll also be required to use the highest octane gasoline, which costs more.
  • You won’t be traveling very fast when using a campervan, so factor in a longer period to reach your destination.
  • Older campervans may not include front airbags and cannot be customized to include them.
  • Many campervans do not come with a toilet or shower. Additionally, if you are renting a campervan with a stove or refrigerator, original appliances did not work well in the first place. In most cases, you won’t want to be cooking bacon or anything else inside a small, confined space—that you don’t own. With newer campervans, there is a wide range of what type of appliances you will have available for your use.
  • The handling on most older VW campervans—bus or Westfalia—is not great. The older buses will not have power steering and even if your Westfalia does have power steering, the aerodynamics of the vehicle can create wind shear in windy areas or when passing bridges or other areas that channel wind.
  • Reliability. These vehicles are only as good as the mechanics who work on them.

Better Options?

It depends on your tolerance for budget, risk, memory-making quotient and your hoped-for vacation aesthetic. If you’re committed to renting a VW bus or Westfalia, make sure the VW campervan rental company has a solid track record. And, keep in mind that you will still be driving an antique vehicle that is inherently less safe than when driving a newer vehicle. I compare driving one of these older vehicles to driving a motorcycle: You’re risk increases, but you’re connected to the road in a more intimate way.

1. California

Classics Off Sunset

Classics Off Sunset has a fleet of Westfalias and VW busses.  Each vehicle has been restored and is ready for rental. As the name suggests, you can find Classics Off Sunset in Los Angeles, right off of Sunset Boulevard. Excellent reviews and solid inventory.

California bus


PASSENGERS: Depends on model.

MILEAGE: 120 free miles included per rental day (Additional miles on Vanagon and Eurovan buses are at .39/mile. Bay Window buses are .79/mile per additional mile.)

PETS: Each vehicle has a different policy.

PRICING: $125-$299 per night

INSURANCE: Provided by Outdoorsy

Classics Off Sunset Website >>

Vintage Surfari Wagons

Vintage Surfari Wagons has a fleet of VW Eurovans from the 70s and a few VW Vanagons from the 80s. Each bus and Vanagon rental is unique and has been restored with a dash of grooviness and functionality. The buses come with a stove, sink, icebox or refrigerator, dining table, and other accessories.

VW Surfari


PASSENGERS: 4-5 people (sleeps 2-4 adults) depending on model

MILEAGE: 125 free miles included per rental day (Additional miles on Vanagon and Eurovan buses are at .39/mile. Older vehicles have lower limits on miles per day and higher rates per mile thereafter.

PETS: Pets are welcome with prior approval with some vehicles.

PRICING: See site.

INSURANCE: Provided by Outdoorsy

Vintage Surfari Wagons Website >>


Outdoorsy is an online rental marketplace that connects camper van owners with camper van renters. Think of it as Airbnb for campervan rentals. Outdoorsy has listings for all types of adventure-happy vehicles—from modern custom camper vans and vintage Airstreams to all sizes of RVs and motorhomes.

Like Airbnb, you communicate directly with the camper van owner, but Outdoorsy gives you security and support through the process. When booking through Outdoorsy, you get $1,000,000 insurance (as long as you pass the DMV check), 24/7 RV rental roadside assistance, and customer support.

Ford Transit

There are currently 1000+ listings for camper van rentals in California, most of which are based in or near San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Choose from 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Adventure Vans, Vintage VW pop-top campers, and slick custom campers complete with surfboard racks and all the bells and whistles.

RENTAL LOCATIONS: All over the West Coast – the majority of California rentals are based in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

PASSENGERS: Depends on the vehicle; the vans typically seat 2-5, and sleep 2-4

MILEAGE: Depends on the vehicle; most rentals are in the range  50-150 free miles per day

PETS: Depends on the vehicle; some rentals don’t allow pets whatsoever, some allow pets for an additional fee, and some are pet-friendly without an additional fee

PRICING: Rentals range from $65 – $300 per night depending on the camper van

ONE-WAY FEE: Most camper vans for rent on Outdoorsy are listed by private owners and therefore don’t offer options for one-way trips

INSURANCE: The Outdoorsy insurance process is fully automated, paperless, and only takes a few minutes for each user. Coverage is automatic for every certified vehicle on Outdoorsy with any renter who passes their DMV check. Renters are covered under a $1 Million liability policy and $250,000 in comprehensive and collision protection. Outdoorsy also offers optional roadside assistance packages for $15/day USD.


  • To search for campervan rentals on Outdoorsy, type in the city you want to pick up the van (dates are optional) and click ‘Search.’ This will bring you to a webpage with all of the rentals in the city or state. Then, click ‘Vehicle Type‘ and select ‘Camper Van.’ This will filter out everything besides campervans. To make things easier for you, we took the time to provide filtered links for campervans by city or state below.

Outdoorsy Website >>

Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans is one of the largest fleets of camper vans in the US, with 10 locations across the country. Each van has been hand-painted by a local artist, so you’ll be driving and living out of a mini piece of art.

Escape’s pricing is really reasonable, and a lot of benefits are included in the daily rate, like 100 miles per day, free picnic chairs, and free bedding. The company has a “no hidden costs” policy, which basically means that all of their pricing is upfront, and they’re not going to tack on a laundry list of unexpected extras.

Escape Campervans offers three camper van models, the Ford E150 (Mavericks), the Dodge Caravan (Ventura), and the Big Sur (Ford T-350), and all campers are covered in custom artwork from top to bottom. Escape has partnered with LA-based artists to paint every van and styles range from abstract to landscape to cartoon to classic graffiti. When you book your reservation you can mention which genre or style of van art you prefer (nature, abstract or cartoon).

RENTAL LOCATIONS: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Miami, New York, Atlanta, and Vancouver, B.C.

PASSENGERS: Mavericks (sleeps 2-3 or 5 with rooftop sleeper), Big Sur (sleeps 4-5), and Ventura seats 4 (sleeps 2)

Escape Campervans

PETS: Pets are allowed in the shoulder and low season ONLY (outside July, August, and September).

PRICING: Pricing varies by season and by model. Rates range from $100-$150/day for a week in peak summer season.

ONE-WAY FEE: $150 to $350 depending on locations

INSURANCE: Covered by Outdoorsy

Escape Campervans Website >>

Pacific Overlander

Pacific Overlander rents a fleet of SUVs and pickup trucks outfitted with rooftop tents, camping equipment, and other amenities.

Pacific Overlander offers multiple vehicle models, from an iconic vintage V8 Land Rover Defender to a top-of-the-line Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. All the vehicles in the fleet are fully equipped to take you on all those off-roading expeditions of your dreams.Pacific Overlander Vehicle

All rentals include a rooftop tent (see photo above), a memory foam mattress, camp chairs/table, a stove, lantern, and all the needed camping gear. For a fee, Pacific Overlander offers a range of optional add-ons like snow chains, sleeping bags, bike racks, Wifi, GPS/Satellite SMS devices, and vehicle recovery equipment.

RENTAL LOCATIONS: San Francisco, Las Vegas (one-way trips available to/from all major Western US cities)

PASSENGERS: 4 people / sleeps 2-4 adults

MILEAGE: 150 free miles per day are included / $30 per day for +100 extra miles per day / $.50 per additional miles

PETS: 2 dogs max (+$50 cleaning fee)

PRICING: $135 – $290 per day / ~$945 per week / $150 is the intro daily rate which drops to $135 with 7+ day rental

Pacific Overlander Website>>

Additional California & Nevada Campervan Rentals

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RV-Share’s California Campervan Rentals

2013 Ford Transit (San Francisco, CA)
Bodie is the perfect two-person road trip machine. Glampervans are ideal for camping, festivals, and urban adventures.

2013 Ford Transit (San Francisco, CA)
Woogie is the perfect two-person road trip machine. Glampervans are ideal for camping, festivals, and urban adventures.

2011 Ford Transit Connect XLT ( San Francisco, CA)
Adventure in this 2011 Ford Transit Connect XLT converted by outdoor professionals. This van is perfectly equipped for a quick weekend getaway out of the city or a longer term adventure.

“Gus” the 2005 Sprinter High Roof Campervan (Reno, NV)
This is a well-equipped Sprinter in a wonderful location to start your adventure. This vehicle comes with racks, a high rating and is priced fairly.

2018 Dodge Roadtrek (Long Beach, CA)
Standing at 9′-5”, built to travel, powerful & smooth, your vacation will go as planned! Great for two, 3 is comfortable. Small enough to park anywhere,and easy to drive…T.V., DVD equipped with Netflix,YouTube and more streaming,couch reclines to a Queen size bed,microwave and stove,toilet and shower,sinks too.

2017 Ram 1500 Tall (Oakland, CA)
No crouching down in this awesome get-up! (Nearly 6 and 1/2 feet of standing room!) Super comfy, fresh new build with the best essentials! We’re so excited to share our campy home-on-wheels for endless adventures

Costa Mesa Camper Rentals
This is a hot spot for renting campervans, especially for vintage VW vehicles and newer Mercedes Sprinters. Perfect location to start a road trip.

2008 Dodge Sprinter (Santa Cruz, CA)
Enjoy camping on the coast or stay cozy in the mountains in this 2008 Dodge Sprinter. The van comes with a very comfortable queen size bed with storage above and below sleeping areas. Rental include all camping essentials such as 2 burner camp stove, propane, pots, pans, utensils, kettle, coffee marker, table, chairs, outdoor rug and more.

Additional California & Nevada Campervan Rental Companies

California Campers (Redwood City, CA)
This company rents VW campervans. This company definitely has the lowest prices for VW campervans in California. California Campers rents the Volkswagen Campers because of their high fuel efficiency, attractive, modern and comfortable design, great visibility for all occupants, ease of driving and their character. They can equip the campers as you like so all you bring is the desire for adventure and discovery.

2. Arizona

Boho Camper Vans

Boho Campervans rents three vans that are exceptionally well equipped for up to two travelers.
Boho Campervans

RENTAL LOCATIONS: Tempe, AZ; along with other locations.

PRICING: See site. 

ONE-WAY FEE: $550 (and a 14-day minimum rental required)

TIPS: This isn’t your normal campervan rental since they customize older Ford vans and equip them to the max with showers, stoves, coolers, lights, portable toilet, bed, etc.

Boho Camper Vans Website >>

Additional Arizona Campervan Rental Companies

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3. Washington

Peace Vans Rentals (Seattle, Washington)

Peace Vans Rentals is the great-granddaddy of the VW campervan rental world. They have a large fleet of both Vanagons and Eurovans, which they lovingly refer to as “joy machines.” Peace Vans does things the right way and maintains their vehicles with an abundance of caution. All of their vehicles are maintained by their own team of mechanics and they don’t send you off in a Vanagon or Eurovan unless they’re confident the vehicle is ready for your trip. Keep in mind that their rental pool is in flux since their campervans are going in and out of the “ready for prime time” status.

Peace Van Rentals

All rentals include a collection of camping gear. Lots has been written about Peace Vans (since they put a lot of effort into marketing)–all good.

RENTAL LOCATIONS:  A short Uber or cab ride from Sea-Tac Airport brings you right to Peace Van rental’s lot.

PASSENGERS: These vans (both Vanagon and Eurovan) comfortably fit 4 people, ideally 2 adults and 2 children. If you’re traveling with 4-5 adults, you might consider renting a Vanagon Weekender model – the Weekender doesn’t have a built-in kitchen, but it does have more space.

MILEAGE: See different mileage packages

PETS: 2 dogs max (+$50 cleaning fee)

PRICING: $170-$350 per day. Most of their Vanagon’s and Eurovans are $170 per day while their vintage VW buses cap out at $350 per day

ONE-WAY FEE: $195 available to/from Santa Cruz. May be available to other locations

INSURANCE: Covered by Outdoorsy

Peace Vans Rentals>>

Additional Washington Campervan Rental Companies

Other campervan rentals in Washington (Outdoorsy)

4. Idaho & Utah

Wandervans (Boise, Idaho & Salt Lake City, UT)

Wandervans started renting campervans in 2016. With a location in Boise, ID and Salt Lake City, UT they are perfectly located to jettison you into your next road trip. Wandervans rents a small, medium and large van package. Their vehicles are outfitted with a memory foam mattress, cabinets, sink and other camping gear.Wandervans

RENTAL LOCATIONS:  Boise ID and Salt Lake City, UT

PASSENGERS: 2-4 (if requested, seating for up to 8 can be accommodated)

MILEAGE: 150 miles per day, 30 cents per mile thereafter

PETS: $20 per day

PRICING: The Silverstar starts at $95 per day and the Sawtooth is $115 per day. Lots of add ons and different mileage packages

ONE-WAY FEE: Not listed

INSURANCE: Covered by Outdoorsy

Wandervans Rental Website>>
Other Campervan and RV rentals in Idaho (Outdoorsy)

5. Colorado

Kúkú Campers

The Iceland-based outfitter, Kuku Campers, expanded to the US in 2017. You can tell when a Kuku campervan rolls by since they’re decorated with murals and catch phrases. In addition to excellent customer service Kuku campers will help with trip planning.


PASSENGERS: They have three vans at the time this article was written. Their vans can accommodate from 2-5 people

MILEAGE: 300 miles per day for $15 per day; unlimited mileage for $30 per day

PETS: $50 per pet

PRICING: See site.

Kuku Campers Website>>

Rocky Mountain Caravans

Rocky Mountain Caravans is based in Denver (Lakewood), Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada. They rent vintage VW Eurovans, Vanagons, and buses as well as modern, luxury campervan conversions. Excellent inventory.

Rocky Mountain Camper


PASSENGERS: They have three vans at the time this article was written. Their vans can accommodate from 2-5 people

MILEAGE: 130 miles per day; 39 cents per mile after 130 miles without mileage package

PETS: $50 per pet for duration of trip (must be approved)

PRICING: $171 per night with additional fees for increased mileage, pets, gear; $4 per day for parking your car at their site

ONE-WAY FEE: Varies with location

INSURANCE: Covered by Outdoorsy

Rocky Mountain Caravans Website>>

Additional Washington Campervan Rental Companies

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Adventure Travel Sports Rentals

Want a beefier rig for more off-road travel? Rent a Sportsmobile ($350 a day), a Tiger Bengal ($200 a day), or a 4Runner Trail Edition ($200 a day) from Adventure Travel Sports Rentals, a Colorado-based off-road van rental company. The vans come with pop-top beds, full kitchens, and plenty of clearance for rugged mountain or desert roads.
Adventure Travel


PASSENGERS: They have quite an interesting assortment of vehicles

MILEAGE: 150 miles per day. 50 cents per mile for 150-1000 miles per day

PETS: Pet friendly

PRICING: Variable depending on season, vehicle, duration and accessories

ONE-WAY FEE: $120 for pickup and drop off from DIA

INSURANCE: Covered by Outdoorsy

Adventure Travel Sports Rentals Website>>

6. Montana

Dragonfly Vans

Dragonfly Vans has more than 10 refurbished Westfalia camper vans available from $215 a day for road trips starting at their headquarters in Missoula, Montana. Because Dragonfly Vans is  owned by a professional VW mechanic, these vehicles are truly the gold standard for Westfalia campervan rentals. Dragonfly’s vans come equipped with all the camping and sleeping gear you’ll need and you’ll have an option to rent additional equipment in the “full” package. It’s fair to say that Dragonfly Vans sets the bar for most of the other Westfalia campervan companies who came later. Check out their FAQ section for helpful (and detailed) information about the rental experience and the renter’s responsibilities.


PASSENGERS: 2; additional passengers (3-4) are $75 each

MILEAGE: 125 miles per day, 50 cents per miles after 125 miles


PRICING: 3 night minimum with longer minimum in July-August; full van = $2400 per week and base van = $1800 per week

ONE-WAY FEE: No one-way drop off. During normal opening hours, Dragonfly Vans will pick you up at the airport. Outside of operating hours, they will charge a fee to pick you up at the airport

INSURANCE: Covered by Outdoorsy

Dragonfly Vans Rentals Website>>
Additional Campervan Rentals in Montana>>

7. Oregon

Road Trip Oregon

Road Trip Oregon is a serious campervan outfitter based in Portland, Oregon. They rent Eurovans, 4×4 Revel Sprinters, Rover Campervans and other options. We agree with Road Trip Oregon when they suggest that “Oregon has a lifetime of amazing sites to see, forests to hike, beaches to wander, rivers to paddle and backroads to explore.” These vehicles are managed by a full-time professional mechanic, which elevates the reliability of these rentals.
Road Trip Oregon Vans

RENTAL LOCATIONS: Portland, Oregon

PASSENGERS: Up to 4 passengers (depends on vehicle)

MILEAGE: 125 miles per day, 35 cents each mile after 125 miles

PETS: No pets and no smoking

PRICING: $100 and up (very reasonable rates)

ONE-WAY FEE: Inquire on website

INSURANCE: Covered by Outdoorsy

Road Trip Oregon Website>>
Campervan rentals in Oregon (Outdoorsy)

8. Florida

Ondevan Van Rentals

Ondevan rentals offers campervan rentals in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. With enough lead time, they will pick you up or drop you off at the airport. You’ll see an Ondevan coming from a mile away, but you’ll also find the cool murals instigate conversations with strangers wherever you go. Amazing photos on their Instagram account. Perhaps most importantly, they offer renters a road trip map that details locations where prior guests have visited and parked/camped overnight.


RENTAL LOCATIONS:  South Florida: Fort Lauderdale or Orlando

PASSENGERS: Sleeps 2-3

MILEAGE: Standard mileage comes with 100 miles. $15 per additional 100 miles or 25 cents per mile after 100 miles

PETS: Pet friendly

PRICING: $89-$149 per night. Comes with Coleman 2 burner gas stove, Coleman Mini cooler, Sink, water supply and drain, and kitchen utensils.


INSURANCE: Covered by Outdoorsy

Ondevan Rental Website>>

Additional Florida Campervan Rental Companies

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9. Maine

Vintage Van Adventure

Vintage Van Adventures is based in Brunswick, Maine. Their vans are serviced by the venerable Foreign Auto Supply, a VW repair shop that has become a destination for VW bus and Westfalia owners in New England. As stated on their website, their vehicles are meticulously restored and maintained.

RENTAL LOCATIONS:  Brunswick, Maine


MILEAGE: 1500 miles per trip (week-long reservation)


PRICING: $1,675  per week includes gear and provisions. Vans come with cooking gear, tableware, paper towels, toilet paper, propane, outside grill, lights, axes, lanterns, 2 sleeping bags, pillows, linens, first aid, chairs, table and much more.


INSURANCE: Covered by Outdoorsy

Vintage Van Adventures Website>>

Additional Campervan Rental Companies

Other campervan rentals in New Hampshire and Maine (Outdoorsy)

*Please contact us if you’d like your campervan rental agency added to this list.