An All-in-one Camper Box for $1,400

Campal ForTwo is the a very basic “campervan-kit-in-a-box.”Although it’s inexpensive compared to a full-blown van conversion, there’s a lot to like. ForTwo’s birch wood structure supports several sitting options and isn’t designed around a few wooden boxes. Instead, Campal adds a central cutout, creating a wraparound sofa and dining nook. First, you install the removable table leg into the bracket, drop the tabletop on and you have a dining area for two people. If the weather is nice, the table can be set up outside with the available tripod and folding chairs.
Campal Conversion

Since Campal is based in the UK, you won’t be able to easily¬† ship one of these to the U.S. since they’re delivered via truck transport. However, a quick visit to the Campal website reveals numerous photos of the conversion kit that can inspire and inform for your next campervan upgrade project. New Atlas provides a well-informed review of the Campal kit along with additional images.

If you’re looking for some other low-cost conversion kit ideas, check out the video below.