Van Conversion Kit

An All-in-one Camper Box for $1,400

Campal ForTwo is the a very basic “campervan-kit-in-a-box.”Although it’s inexpensive compared to a full-blown van conversion, there’s a lot to like. ForTwo’s birch wood structure supports several sitting options and isn’t designed around a few wooden boxes. Instead, Campal adds a central cutout, creating a wraparound sofa and dining nook. First, you install the removable table leg into the bracket, … Read more

Orange VW Bus

Buying a Campervan

The Essentials Buying a campervan is not for the feint of heart. If you’re buying a vintage vehicle in need of major work, fix the seat belt first since you’re going to need to buckle up for a wild ride. While the overall cost and time commitment depends on how old your vehicle is, its starting condition and how complicated … Read more

Vanlife gear

Must Have Campervan Accessories

If you love campervans, in your spare time you’re drawn to #vanlife instagram images that showcase the best in campervan accessories. Below is a list of our favorite accessories for Westfalias, Promasters, Transits and Sprinters. Fatmat Ratteltrap Sound Deadener Road Shower 4 Nemo Helio LX Portable Shower Self-build Camper Conversion Book Rumpl Down Blanket(s) Trekology Camping Chair Ampeak 2000W Power … Read more